Your biggest challenge needs an offbeat approach

The more saturated and competitive the market is, the more vital it is to create a differential value proposition.

We help our customers crack their biggest challenge and transform their business by using a unique approach designed to imagine out-of-the-box solutions.

Stand out from the crowd and make a market leader of your company.

Act different. Be different.

Our Know-How

Solving your biggest business challenge requires a totally new approach. Ampletus Team uses a robust, time-constrained process to put your team in the best conditions to find creative, frugal solutions.

1. Understand

2. Imagine

3. Design

4. Prototype

5. Test

6. Sell

We interact with your team during fun but serious work sessions, carefully crafted to unleash their creativity and allow them to think out of the box.

We bring to the table our experience of multiple fields of industry, our knowledge of technical, manufacturing and management problem-solving, and our enthusiastic, positive way of thinking to scale up the quantity and quality of the ideas that can be generated by your team.

More fun, more ideas, outstanding results.

What challenges can you solve ?

In the past years, we had the chance to help more than 100 customers achieve their goal.

Most of the time, our customers are looking for breakthrough transformations of their business model or organization. But some are not ready or don’t need to go into those lengths.

The good news is, our process is just as good to solve any challenge your company might be facing.

To give you an overview, we have worked on following applications:

  • Designing a new product range or service
  • Improving value on products by 15-30%
  • Optimizing processes and organization
  • Creating new design & engineering process
  • Solving management issues
  • Training new managers
  • Creating premium user & buying experiences
  • Designing new plant layout / revamping existing facility
  • Solving technical difficulties
  • Reducing work-in-progress and stocks
  • Building a differential marketing strategy and outstanding value propositions
  • Inspiring the 5-years product plan
  • Preparing a cost-optimized plant decommissioning strategy
  • Shifting business from product-oriented to service-oriented

What about your challenge?

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are located in Brittany, France.

We work globally. Whatever the country you are in, we can travel to your place. Our only requirement is that your team or part of your team is fluent enough to work in English or French.

Meet our team!

Barbara Turpin

Barbara has two Master’s degrees in criminal and labor law.

She is a consultant and trainer for business leaders and managers looking for an open management style where each employee finds his place inside a team of partners.

From 2013 to 2019, Barbara helped more than 30 companies improve their management skills under brand name En e wir.

She’s a certified Process Communication Model coach. The Process Communication Model is the world’s premier tool that is based on human behavior. It enables the user to understand how and why people communicate.

Benjamin Delagoutte

Benjamin is a real tech and innovation nutjob. He gathered a unique set of experience and skills regarding competitiveness of manufacturing and industrial companies.

Skilled in organization, product design, production process optimization, Benjamin developed from 2011 on a new expertise in business design.

Before founding Ampletus in 2013, he worked for 6 years for a consulting firm based in Paris, IAC Partners. Taking care of large companies account like Alstom, Areva, Schneider Electric, Groupe SEB, as well as medium-sized companies like SICMA Aeroseat, Compin, Delta Dore or Neopost, he led more than 50 design-to-cost projects.

In 2017 and 2018, he worked as a manager for a venture studio in Lyon, France: WAOUP.

Benjamin has a Master’s degree in Telecommunications, Networks and Computer Science engineering.

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We speak English, German and French.

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